Affiliations and Credits


Media Archaeology Lab, Colorado, US


Many thanks to the following, who have donated or loaned items to the Museum.

  • Andy Vizor, UK
  • Anjanette Schussler, Minnesota, US
  • Connor Knapton, UK
  • Erick Lorenz, California, US
  • Foone Turing, California, US
  • Grant Hutchinson, Calgary, Canada
  • Judith Sutton, UK
  • Julie Dilworth, Tennessee, US
  • Patrick White, UK
  • Peter Katuch, Germany

Andy Vizor’s company, AVAV Systems, offers transcription services to migrate a range of obsolete audio and video formats to newer ones.


One of the original inspirations behind the Museum was the wonderful Lost Formats.


Sources are acknowledged under ‘Sources / Resources’ on the exhibit pages, and all links are catalogued using Pinboard.

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