Tefifon (1950 – 1960s)

Tefifon was a music playback format, mainly available in West Germany, using an endless loop plastic band onto which grooves were engraved and read with a stylus.

Three different size cartridges were offered; the smallest provided up to 18 minutes of music, the medium size one up to 60 minutes, and the largest size cartridge could hold up to 4 hours of music. Sound quality was better than that offered by 78 rpm records, but not as good as Long Playing vinyl records. Stereo sound was offered from 1961.

The first Tefifon players and cartridges were available from 1950, but record companies were not interested in the format so relatively unknown artists were offered, mostly compilations of cover versions of hits or dance music, operas and operettas.

Tefifon players were available as standalone devices, or combined with radios.

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