Super DLT (2001 – )

Super DLT (Digital Linear Tape) is a higher capacity variant of DLT, and was introduced by Quantum Corporation in 2001. The first generation was capable of storing 110 GB.

Like DLT, Super DLT uses linear serpentine recording with multiple tracks on half-inch tape. The cartridge contains a single reel and the tape is pulled out of the cartridge by means of a leader tape attached to the take-up reel inside the drive. Super DLT adds an optical servo system to keep the tape correctly aligned.

A new naming convention took effect in 2005, calling Super DLT (the performance line) DLT-S and DLT (the value line) DLT-V. DLT-S4 has an uncompressed capacity of 800 GB.

Development of DLT and Super DLT drives stopped after 2007 when Quantum switched development to LTO, but both DLT-V and DLT-S drives and tapes are still available.

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