Sony EV 1-inch open reel video tape (1964 – early 1970s)

Sony EV 1-inch video tape was introduced in 1964 with the release of the EV-200 ‘portable’ video recorder (portable meaning it had carrying handles, but it was still very heavy to carry). Most machines found their way into the educational and industrial marketplaces.

The EV-200 was monochrome, but later models could record and play in colour. Tapes are interchangeable between the models in the series.

The machines use a two head helical scanning system in a half wrap around the drum. Maximum recording time was 1 hour with 2400 ft of tape on an 8 inch reel. Tape speed was 7.8 ips. Unlike other 1-inch video tape formats, the Sony EV reels did not use NAB style hubs, but rather a straight spindle design.

The last model to use 1-inch EV tape was the Sony UV-340 of 1970.

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