Nintendo Game Boy Color (1998 – 2003)

The Game Boy Color was a handheld video game console released by Nintendo in 1998 as a successor to the original monochrome Game Boy.

The Game Boy Color had double the processor speed, three times as much memory, and an infrared communications port as well as a colour display. Its main competitors were the SNK Neo Geo Pocket and the Bandai WonderSwan, but the Game Boy Color had much greater commercial success. The Game Boy and Game Boy Color combined sold nearly 119 million units worldwide.

Cartridges (called ‘Game Paks’ by Nintendo) for the original Game Boy could be used in the Game Boy Color, which was a major selling point.

There were also cartridges that could be used in either console (class B or dual mode). These are the same shape as the original Game Boy cartridges, but are usually black instead of grey. Cartridges that are designed specifically for the Game Boy Color (class C) are clear-coloured and are shaped slightly differently from the original Game Boy cartridges. They lack the notch that allows the original Game Boy power switch to be moved across, to ensure they could not be used in the original Game Boy by mistake.

The Game Boy Color was eventually discontinued in 2003, when the Game Boy Advance SP was launched (it had sold alongside the first version of the Game Boy Advance that was launched in 2001).

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