Memory Stick (1998 – mid 2000s)

Memory Stick is a flash memory card format, introduced by Sony in 1998. Initial capacity was from 4 MB upwards.

In 2000, Sony’s Mavica line of digital cameras started to use Memory Stick, initially via an adaptor that used the floppy disk slot, and from 2001 in a dedicated slot.

The Memory Stick PRO, introduced in 2003 was a joint effort between Sony and SanDisk, offering a much larger capacity. Most devices that could use Memory Sticks could use Memory Stick PRO.

A smaller variation of Memory Stick, the Memory Stick Duo was introduced in 2003 to meet the need for a smaller card for mobile phones, small digital cameras and the PlayStation Portable, and in 2006 an even smaller variant, Memory Stick Micro (M2) was introduced.

By 2007, the original format of Memory Stick was no longer available through the Sony UK website. Sony now manufactures its own line of Secure Digital cards.

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