Hip Pocket Record (1967 – 1969)

Hip Pocket Records were 4-inch, 45-rpm, flexible phonograph records manufactured by Philco. Philco also produced portable players for the discs, but they could be played on manual phonographs.

Philco teamed with three major record companies, Atlantic, Mercury and Roulette, to produce music for them, and around 50 titles were released. They were sold for 69 cents at Woolworth, and also at local Ford Dealers.

Hip Pocket Records contained a song on each side, but could only be played about a dozen times before they were worn out by the stylus.

Americom produced a very similar format under the name PocketDisc.

Both Hip Pocket Records and PocketDiscs were marketed for their portability, and the ability to send them through the post or keep in a pocket without damage.

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