Grundig EN3 (1964 – 1970s)

The Grundig EN3 (Elektronisches Notizbuch or electronic notebook) was a handheld dictation device introduced by Grundig in 1964.

It was one of the first tape cassette recorders, coming only a year after the Compact Cassette, but it was purely designed for voice dictation.

The microphone doubled as a speaker for playback, and all functions were controlled by a single thumb-operated red lever on the side. It used a simple two-track recording system with double-sided cassettes, so they can be recorded on both sides, and it held enough ¼-inch tape for up to 30 minutes recording time.

It lasted into the 1970s, by which time competing products like Mini-Cassette and Microcassette allowed even smaller dictation devices with better sound quality.

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