CD Video (1987 – 1992)

CD Video (CDV) was a combined audio and video format introduced in 1987 that combined the technologies of Compact Disc and LaserDisc. The discs were the same size as a Compact Disc, and contained up to 20 minutes worth of audio information (around 4-5 tracks) that could be played on any audio Compact Disc player. They also contained up to 5 minutes of analogue video information, which could be played back on a newer LaserDisc player capable of playing CD Video discs.

CD Video discs have a distinctive gold colour, to differentiate them from regular silver-coloured Compact Discs.

Over 170 CD Video titles were released, but the format met with limited success as a LaserDisc player was required to play the video portion. CD Video disappeared from the the US and European markets in 1990, but continued to be popular in Japan until 1992.

A version of CD Video called Video Single Disc (VSD) was also released, but this only had a LaserDisc analogue video track (occupying the whole of the disc) and no Compact Disc audio tracks.

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