Audograph (1946 – 1976)

Audograph was a dictation disc format introduced in 1946 by the Gray Manufacturing Company in the US. It recorded sound by pressing grooves into soft vinyl discs, like the competing, but incompatible, SoundScriber and Voicewriter formats.

Audograph discs were thin plastic discs, recorded from the inside to the outside, the opposite of conventional phongraph discs. Another difference to phongraph discs was that the Audograph was driven by a surface-mounted wheel, meaning that its recording and playback speed decreased toward the edge of the disc (like the Compact Disc and other digital formats), to keep a more constant linear velocity and to improve playing time.

Along with a Dictabelt recorder, an Audograph machine captured sounds recorded at the time of the John F. Kennedy assassination that were reviewed by the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations.

Gray stopped manufacturing the Audograph in 1976.

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